Monday, December 5, 2016

Canada: Exploration Drilling at Valemount Geothermal Power Project to Start Soon

British Columbia’s First Geothermal Power Project Could Be Weeks From Drilling (CleanTechnica)

Alison Thomson, a director of Borealis GeoPower, explained, “This is a private industry-led initiative, although the federal government has funded some of our exploration work. This is the first time that geothermal wells have been drilled to serve a nearby customer.”

Borealis plans to build a geothermal industrial park that will initially supply the village of Valemount, in the province’s Robson Valley region, with carbon-free heat (substituting for propane gas and diesel). Eventually, GeoPower will also supply the electricity.

“We’ve completed field work in each of 2010-2016 which has aided in the reservoir delineation. We have now chosen our drilling targets and requested drilling permits from the government. We are participating in a private placement to finance the drilling and development of the reservoir,” said Thomson.