Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Science & Technology: Deep Direct-Use Geothermal

Heat from Beneath the Ground – Working to Advance Deep Direct-Use Geothermal (EERE/GTO)

Beneath our feet lies a source of geothermal heat that can be tapped to provide heating and cooling to both residential and commercial buildings, manufacturing processes, greenhouses and aquaculture ponds. Deep direct-use (DDU) systems are an emerging technology area in the geothermal sector that draw on lower temperature geothermal resources.

Deeper than geothermal heat pumps and other conventional direct-use systems, DDU is deployable at a similar temperature range—between 100°F and 300°F—but at a much larger scale. DDU maximizes system efficiencies and return on investment. This new technology could result in large-scale, low-temperature geothermal applications that create greater opportunities for geothermal resource development throughout the United States.

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