Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Canada: 77% of British Columbians Support Investing in Geothermal Rather than Building Large Hydro Dam.

Seventy per cent of British Columbians Support Pausing Site C Construction to Investigate Alternatives (

(Courtesy DESMOG.CA)
British Columbians want BC Hydro’s Site C dam sent for an independent review and support stopping construction on the project while alternatives are investigated, a new poll by Insights West has found.

It found that 73 per cent of British Columbians support sending the Site C dam for an independent review of both costs and demand, as recommended by the Joint Review Panel in its 2014 report. That includes 63 per cent of BC Liberal voters in 2013 and 83 per cent of those who last voted for the BC New Democratic Party (NDP).

The Joint Review Panel found the province had failed to investigate alternatives to building the Site C dam, such as geothermal energy. According to BC Hydro’s own estimates, geothermal could replace two-thirds of the power that could be generated by the Site C dam. Seventy-seven per cent of British Columbians support investing in geothermal (40 per cent “strongly”) rather than building a large hydro dam.