Thursday, November 10, 2016

Canada: Opportunities for Geothermal Energy in Western Provinces

British Columbia May Have a “Trillion Dollar Opportunity” with Geothermal Power (Clean Technica)

An interview with Alison Thompson, Chair of the Canadian Geothermal Association

British Columbia may have a “Trillion Dollar Opportunity,” and it is NOT LNG. There are more than 150 known hot springs in Western Canada. Look at the map below, most of the high generation temperature areas are in BC! 

According to Alison Thompson, Chair of the Canadian Geothermal Association, there is more than enough geothermal energy to power the province’s grid, yet none of these sites have been developed. Geothermal energy has never been invited to bid on calls for power. In fact, there isn’t a single developed geothermal site in all of Canada!