Monday, November 21, 2016

Artic: Regional Cooperation Could Boost Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Seen as an Opportunity for the European Arctic (News Deeply)

With geothermal energy in Iceland, hydropower in Norway and wind energy in the Faroe Islands, Europe is well on its way to decarbonizing its energy systems.

The North could become the “green battery” for Europe through an integration into the European energy market, according to Hallstein Hav├ąg, the director of policy and research at the environmental organization Bellona. “This could help us save the Arctic by decarbonizing our energy systems.” It could also boost the economic development of Arctic countries.

The North Atlantic Energy Project is investigating how isolated energy systems in the region can be connected, such as creating a renewable energy network between Norway and Greenland. The project has allowed an enormous exchange of knowledge between regions. One area of research has been on how to connect the U.K. and Iceland. Eight reports on different issues have been presented and made publicly available. In talks with the U.K. government, no decision has been made yet, but a lot of uncertainties were eliminated.

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