Tuesday, October 11, 2016

USA, California: City of Sonoma Chooses Geothermal Energy for its Electricity Needs

Sonoma goes greener with new ‘EverGreen’ utility plan (Sonoma Index-Tribune)

Taking a small step into the energy future, the City of Sonoma voted last week to become the first jurisdiction in Sonoma County, and perhaps the North Bay, to adopt the zero-emissions EverGreen plan from Sonoma Clean Power.

The optional premium plan, which uses 100 percent local renewable power sources for providing kilowatts to the city’s 42 electrical accounts, will cost the city more money than the standard CleanStart program – which uses 36 percent renewable energy – but supporters believe that it may help the city meet one of its current term goals of advancing Climate Action 2020, a countywide plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And perhaps provide a boost in bragging rights.

Sonoma Clean Power (SCP), the regional alternative utility formed in 2014 under the state’s Community Choice Aggregation law, declares that the EverGreen plan is comprised of 100 percent local renewable resources, entirely geothermal energy from the Calpine Geysers facility in northern Sonoma County. SCP plans to add the delivery of locally-generated solar power to the mix next year.

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