Monday, October 10, 2016

Iran: 55 MW Geothermal Power Plant by September 2017

Iran's Geothermal Power Plant Launch Slated for 2017 (Financial Tribune)

Iran Hopes that its first geothermal plant would help uplift steam-related industries such as greenhouses, fish farming and tourism in the Ardebil region

Iran expects to start producing electricity from the heat of the earth less than a year from now as it takes steps to slowly move away from fossil fuel power stations that account for more than 80% of its installed power capacity.

Hamid Chitchian, the energy minister, said the country's first geothermal power plant in Meshgin Shahr, Ardebil Province near the Azerbaijan border in the northwest, will be launched by September 2017, IRNA reported.

The 55 MW plant is also billed as the first geothermal power station in the Middle East.

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