Wednesday, October 5, 2016

GRC Annual Meeting: A Few Spaces Left on Enhanced Geothermal Systems Fieldtrip

8 Seats Available For The "EGS At The Geysers" Tour!

Must Sign up by October 10th

To reserve a seat, please contact Anh Lay at with your payment info.

(Courtesy Calpine)
EGS at The Geysers

This is a one day comprehensive, technical tour of the Northwest Geysers and will visit Calpine’s EGS field demonstration project located in The Geysers field.

The deep temperatures in this part of the field are the hottest seen at The Geysers to date and it has been difficult to develop and produce due to high concentrations of noncondensible and corrosive gases. As part of a DOE-sponsored EGS field demonstration, Calpine reopened and deepened two wells that were drilled in the 1980’s and capped and abandoned in 1999.

By injecting recycled water, Calpine is increasing permeability in the rock, increasing steam production, and has seen a reduction in the concentrations of naturally occurring noncondensible gases. The results of this EGS project to date are very encouraging with important implications at The Geysers as well as other geothermal sites around the world that are dealing with similar problems.

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