Thursday, October 20, 2016

Exhibitor at GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+

SPX Highlights Innovative Technologies at GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+ (News Release)

Visit Booth #303 to learn about the latest product and service offerings from SPX Cooling Technologies and SPX Heat Transfer

SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of evaporative and air-cooled heat exchangers, and sister company, SPX Heat Transfer, LLC will showcase several innovative technologies at the at the GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+, October 23-26, 2016, at the Sacramento Convention Center. In Booth #303, SPX Cooling Technologies will feature two new Marley® cooling tower designs. SPX Heat Transfer will feature the Ecolaire® Advanced Direct Contact Condenser (ADCC). Aftermarket services and OEM components from both companies complete the offering.

The new Marley NC Everest™ Cooling Tower offers 50% more cooling capacity than any other pre-assembled cooling tower in the world.* It offers several advantages over traditional field-erected towers for geothermal applications, including up to 60% faster delivery and field installation in about 20% of the time.* It also offers reduced onsite labor and work duration for safer assembly processes and work environment.

The new Marley Modular F400 Cooling Tower is a field-erected tower that utilizes factory-assembled modules to provide uniform quality components and faster onsite assembly. Sections of the tower are shipped just-in-time to the job site. Faster installation results in a reduced construction schedule.

The Ecolaire ADCC is licensed technology designed for geothermal power that condenses steam directly from geothermal wells or steam flashed from hot brine. The ADCC uses a turbulent film to condense the steam. The higher thermal efficiency of the ADCC enables many benefits for a geothermal power system.

Representatives from SPX Cooling Technologies and SPX Heat Transfer will be available throughout the show to discuss products, projects and aftermarket support programs.

*Compared to other leading manufacturers.


About SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc.:

SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of cooling towers, evaporative fluid coolers, evaporative condensers and air cooled heat exchangers providing full-service cooling solutions and support to customers in the power generation, petrochemical, industrial, refrigeration, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) markets for more than 100 years. For more information, please visit SPX Cooling Technologies and its product brands are part of SPX Corporation.

About SPX Heat Transfer, LLC:

SPX Heat Transfer, LLC is a leading manufacturer of Ecolaire steam surface condensers, specialized geothermal condensers, Yuba feedwater heaters, shell and tube heat exchangers and other heat transfer equipment and OEM components. SPX Heat transfer has served the power, energy and petrochemical industries for over 80 years. For more information, visit SPX Heat Transfer and its product brands are part of SPX Corporation.

About SPX Corporation:

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX Corporation is a leading supplier of highly engineered HVAC products, detection and measurement technologies and power equipment. With operations in about 20 countries, SPX Corporation had approximately $1.7 billion in annual revenues and approximately 6,000 employees worldwide in 2016. SPX Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol, “SPXC.” For more information, please visit