Friday, September 2, 2016

USA, California: "Geothermal May be Back on Track"

Editorial: Finally, progress towards a sustainable Salton Sea (Los Angeles Times)

Of special note is the apparent U.S. interest in the substantial but still sparsely developed geothermal resources at the southern end of the lake. The energy potential could be a key part of a grand bargain among water rights owners, governments and power companies that allows for preservation of a smaller Salton Sea serving millions of birds on the Pacific Flyway, plus, through a series of intertwined agreements, more efficient use of Colorado River water in the fields of the Imperial Valley and a more reliable water supply for San Diego.

Sacramento’s interest in seeing energy produced around the Salton Sea seemed to have abated in recent years as new technologies made solar power more affordable. But geothermal may be back on track with the federal government’s promise to consider purchasing the energy produced there.

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