Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Zealand: Geothermal Accounts for 22 Percent of Energy Supply

Energy in New Zealand 2016 released (Ministry Of Business Innovation And Employment)

Energy in New Zealand 2016, released today, is MBIE’s annual round-up of the energy sector, highlighting key trends in energy supply, transformation, demand and price for the 2015 calendar year.

The rapid increase in renewable energy’s share of Total primary energy supply (TPES)  since 2008 has been driven by increased electricity generation from geothermal energy and reduced electricity generation from coal.

As geothermal fluid is much lower in temperature than steam produced by a coal or gas boiler, the transformation efficiency of geothermal energy is significantly lower. The low transformation efficiency of geothermal energy (approximately 15%) contributes to New Zealand’s relatively high renewable TPES compared with most other countries.

In 2015, oil accounted for 32%, gas for 21% and geothermal energy for 22% of New Zealand's TPES. Geothermal generation set a new record in 2015 of 7,411 GWh, once again the second largest generation source in New Zealand.

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