Thursday, September 22, 2016

Europe: 88 Geothermal Power Plants with Total Installed Capacity of 2.28GWe are in Operation

European Geothermal Congress 2016 Opens (EGEC)

The Geothermal Community Meets In Strasbourg For The European Geothermal Congress 2016 To Celebrate European Excellency, Calls For Clear Structural Signals And Tailored Tools For Further Expansion.

More than 800 participants are joining the European Geothermal Congress in Strasbourg this week. The event, organised every three years by the European Geothermal Energy Council, brings together stakeholders from the entire Geothermal community for sessions covering science, markets, and social issues, an exhibition, courses, and side events.

Geothermal in Europe is growing and the sector maintains its technological leadership. Today, 88 power plants with a total installed capacity of 2.28GWe are in operation, with an increasing number of innovative binary turbines. There are also 527 district heating plants with a total capacity of 4.7GWe; new designs and IT techniques will revolutionize the sector, creating modern, adaptable systems for future communities.

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