Thursday, September 22, 2016

Canada: Opinion - Geothermal Project in West-Central Alberta is Applauded

Geothermal is heating up (The Hinton Voice Inc.)

A handshake deal between the Town of Hinton (Alberta) and Epoch Energy to try and develop a geothermal project was an intriguing announcement this past week.

The vision being put forward would see existing wells in the Hinton area tapped for their geothermal capacity to heat municipal buildings, and potentially Harry Collinge High School, along the Switzer Drive corridor. Down the road, if feasible, the scope may be expanded to include geothermal power generation and heat used for greenhouses.

This localized geothermal idea would put Hinton at the forefront of this 
trend and, coupled with the research undertaken by the University of 
Alberta about geothermal potential in our area, should be seen as an 
opportunity that is worth pursuing to at least see what it can be and what it 
will entail.