Friday, August 26, 2016

USA, Colorado: GRC Member Assesses Possible Geothermal Resource

Rico Geothermal System Would Have High Price Tag, Study Says (KSJD)

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That’s according to scientists from the Colorado School of Mines who presented results from their summer-long study in Rico on Thursday night.

GRC Member and Geologist Paul Morgan and economist Becky Lafrancois studied the geologic and financial aspects of a possible hot springs resort, commercial greenhouse operation, and downtown heating system. Morgan said all three options were feasible based on the temperature, depth, and quality of the water, but the cost of drilling and infrastructure would be steep. Lafrancois estimated start-up costs for all three options at more than $500,000.

Committee member Matt Downer said after the meeting that the community will digest the findings and decide how to proceed.

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