Wednesday, August 31, 2016

USA, California: Feds Announce Interest in 250 MW of Geothermal Energy Developments at Salton Sea

DOE interested in up to 250 MW of geothermal resources in California ( Electric Light & Power )

The Federal Energy Management Program Office at the Department of Energy has announced a request for information on the availability of new construction geothermal electricity in the Salton Sea area to serve regional federal load.

The purpose of the request is to gather industry input on options available to the federal government for a potential aggregated power purchase of 100 MW–250 MW of new construction geothermal electricity generated in the Salton Sea area, within Riverside and Imperial counties, California, for delivery over a ten-year or twenty-year contract period to serve regional federal load.

Interested parties are to submit comments electronically to Tracy (Logan) Niro. Please include "August 2016 Geothermal RFI" in the subject of the message.

Download the request for information. (128.39 KB)

Written comments and information on the request are requested on or before Sept. 29.

One means of facilitating the development of new renewable resources is through the use of long-term power purchase contracts, whereby a third party funds, develops, operates, maintains and owns a renewable energy project, and a federal agency (or other customer) commits to purchase the energy, capacity and/or renewable energy certificates (RECs) from the project owner. For the purposes of this request, new geothermal resources are defined as those which are not in service as of the date of this request.