Monday, August 29, 2016

United Kingdom: Geothermal Energy to Help Heat England and Wales

Tube trains, industrial machinery and geothermal energy could soon heat UK homes (International Business Times)

The heat generated by tube trains, industrial machinery and geothermal energy could be utilized to provide warmth to thousands of homes in the UK. This is part of the government-backed plans to expand "heat networks".

About 80% of the UK homes are currently heated by gas-fired boilers. However, these are required to be replaced by greener sources to allow Britain meet its climate change targets, which require a reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. Hence, more than 30% of local authorities in England and Wales are now said to be drawing up new greener schemes for heating homes in the country.

Some of the new schemes are said to be aimed at making changes to these heat networks, which transport hot water or steam through insulated pipes to provide warmth to homes. An example would be that in Stoke-on-Trent, where plans are being developed to use renewable geothermal heat from deep underground. The council here is also said to be considering the option of recycling heat from pottery kilns from the ceramics industry.

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