Monday, August 22, 2016

Netherlands: Drilling Begins at Vogelaer Geothermal Project

Start of drilling at Aardwarmte Vogelaer

After months of preparation, the Aardwarmte Vogelaer geothermal project started drilling in Poeldijk, Holland on 12 August. Seven participating greenhouse companies are expected to begin using the geothermal energy station located at the Wateringseweg and the heat distribution network to be set up at the end of 2016.

First the production well will be drilled, from which the well water will be pumped up. Then the injection well will be drilled. Through this well the cooled water will be pumped back into the sand layer. Both wells will be located at 2,500 meters depth and extract hot water of approximately 85 degrees C (185 degrees F) . The heat from this water is used to heat the greenhouse farms in a sustainable manner. This way the related horticultural companies expect to annually emit approximately 23 kilo tonnes less CO2 and save more than 13 million m3 of natural gas. This is equivalent to the consumption by approximately 8,000 households.

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