Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Geothermalist Features in New Toy Collection!

LEGO teams with National Geographic and volcano scientist Andres Ruzo (Toy News)

LEGO has partnered with the South American scientist and National Geographic explorer, Andres Ruzo - a GRC Member - for its latest LEGO City play-set.

Part of the toy firm’s new Volcano Explorers campaign, Ruzo will feature in the new sets that are being incorporated into school teaching plans as part of the initiative to encourage kids’ into scientific exploration.

The campaign will see its official launch on September 29th, when Ruzo will attend a media event at The Geological Society of London in Piccadilly.

Following this, the children’s magazine National Geographic Kids will be supporting the partnership with a special feature in its Forces of Nature issue, featuring volcano tips, reader question and answers and the chance to win the new LEGO City Volcano Explorers collection.

LEGO City is also working with the British Geological Survey in a public programme to include volcanology videos, a schools geology competition and inclusion at regional Dynamic Earth events as well as social media targeting.

“I loved playing with LEGO since I was a kid, so the chance to work with LEGO City Volcano Explorers is a boyhood dream come true,” said Ruzo.

“As a geothermal scientist heavily involved in science education, the announcement of a geology inspired LEGO theme was a thrilling surprise I was not expecting.

“I have been taking the sets into the field with me and the combination of LEGO and volcanoes presents endless possibilities for hands-on educational opportunities to show kids how amazing our home planet is.”

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