Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Europe: Geothermal News from EGEC

The EGEC Newsletter Summer 2016 - The Voice of Geothermal in Europe

The summer issue of the EGEC Newsletter is now available.
Click here to download it. In this issue:

  • The European Geothermal Congress
  • Developments in Germany
  • A fond farewell from Burkhard Sanner
  • National binding targets for GHG emissions:
  • EU Innovation Fund (successor of the NER 300 programme)
  • Commission guidance document on streamlining environmental assessments
  • Looking for geothermal companies or experts? New online matchmaking tool available
  • Overview of projects supporting the market update of efficient and renewable Heating and Cooling technologies.
  • Five-day course on Prospecting and Producing Geothermal Energy
  • France publishes decree n° 2016-835 on insurance obligation for those working in Geothermal
  • Ormat takes ownership of Bouillante plant, Guadeloupe
  • Development of Hungary’s first geothermal power plant underway
  • World bank report on calculating emissions from Geothermal power production
  • Italy has awarded 4% of its Green certificates went to geothermal plants over the last two years
  • ENEL Green Power enters Indonesian Market with 55 MW Way Ratai power project
  • ENEL launches Innovation hub in Israel
  • Procurement notice issued for the Turkey Geothermal Development Project focusing on development of risk sharing mechanisms, and financing for exploration/ early development phases.
  • New EBRD financing for Turkish renewables.