Monday, July 18, 2016

USA, Idaho: Direct Use of Geothermal for Citrus, Wheat, Rye, Pinto Beans and Tilapia Production

L. Geothermal greenhouses (Maryville Daily Forum)

It’s called the Miracle Mile. In a one-mile radius around Onsen Farms south of Hagerman, many properties with an abundance of spring water and geothermal wells grow a variety of produce such as citrus, wheat, rye and pinto beans.

Onsen Farms owner James Reed’s unique water resources allow him to heat his 10,000-square-foot greenhouses and grow produce during the winter. Reed typically sells food from November to June, but he plans to switch to a year-round growing season this fall and collaborate with neighboring farmers.

He recently dug a tilapia pond and will dig one for trout. These ponds will be the first at Onsen Farms to be managed for protein.

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