Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Netherlands: Increasing Use of Geothermal for Greenhouse Operations

Dutch greenhouse consortium harnesses geothermal energy (Fresh Fruit Portal)

A consortium of nine Dutch growers has recently begun using geothermal energy to heat their greenhouses, in a bid to produce crops using more sustainable methods.

The 2,000-meter-deep wells through which water is pumped and heated were drilled last year, with project financing having been secured in 2014.

In late January the Geothermal Vierpolders consortium began using the energy to heat their glasshouses, which cover 49 hectares in southwest of the Netherlands near the port hub of Rotterdam.

The growers produce a range of crops including tomatoes and eggplants.

Geothermal Vierpolders director Paul Grootscholten said use of geothermal energy in Dutch greenhouse industry would increase in the future, with several new projects underway in the country.

“This year alone there will be three new geothermal sites and next year I heard there will be four or five, so it’s definitely a growing industry,” he said.

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