Thursday, July 28, 2016

Science & Technology: Method to Recover Gold from Geothermal Brine

ProAu, Protein for Gold Recovery (CTimes)

ProAu, a bio-protein, is produced by a special microbe that can absorb valuable metals from industrial wastewater. It is a unique thermal stable protein from hot springs, with high selectivity and fast absorption rates for gold recovery

Figure II: By combining geothermal and gold mining, there will be more economical resources available in the world
Taiwan-based Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)’s ProAu provides a bio-adsorbent that effectively recovers gold in the form of nano-particles from industrial wastewater and geothermal streams at sub-ppm levels, bringing us new gold mines while contributing to a sustainable world we can all thrive in.

This technology can also be used for recovering gold from geothermal fluid. Since this mining operation has a potential to integrate with the geothermal power generation, it may generate extra revenue on top of geothermal energy itself.

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