Thursday, July 7, 2016

Philippines: Aboitz to Concentrate on East Java Geothermal Project Ahead of Mindanao Exploration

Geothermal project put on hold, too (Sun Star)

The exploration plan of the Aboitiz Power Corp. to tap Mt. Apo and Mt. Sibulan for geothermal energy sources has also been put on hold, an official said.

Manuel Orig, Aboitiz Power Corp. first vice president for Mindanao Affairs told reporters on Wednesday that the decision to suspend the geothermal plant project was made after the company decided to focus first on their power venture in Indonesia.

Aboitiz Power announced late last year that they are partnering with PT Medco Power Indonesia, an Indonesian geothermal power producer to undertake a project in the exploration and development of a potential 100 MW greenfield geothermal plant in East Java Province.

When asked on the fate of the Mt. Apo and Mt. Sibulan geothermal project, Orig was quick to add that they will pursue on the exploration depending on the outcome of the development of the Indonesian geothermal project.

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