Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Italy: New Geothermal Power Plant will Blend in With the Countryside

Tech Transfer Highway Goes Both Ways (Hart Energy)

Artist rendering of the next-generation geothermal power station being built by GGP in the Val di Cecina region of Italy. (Source: GE Oil and Gas)
In early June GE Oil & Gas announced in a release that it will be supplying Italy’s Graziella Green Power (GGP) with technologies for next-generation power stations using geothermal energy from the Val di Cecina area of the Tuscan geothermal district.

GE’s ORegen technology generates electricity using steam from below the ground without any dispersal or leakage into the environment. After use, the flow of steam can be reinjected underground in its entirety with zero atmospheric impact. It is a new application for this technology, which has previously been used for waste heat recovery in hydrocarbon-based plants.

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