Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Indonesia: Government Plans Additional 725 MW from Geothermal Sources by 2030

Mega electricity program will still rely on fossil fuels (The Jakarta Post)

The newest electricity procurement business plan (RUPTL) has revealed that the ambitious 35,000 megawatt (MW) program will remain overly reliant on coal and gas despite Indonesia’s commitment to decreasing carbon emissions.

According to the country’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, a national document submitted to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) ahead of last year’s Paris climate talks or COP21, the government has a carbon emissions reduction target of 29 percent by 2030.

However, the latest RUPTL shows that only 2,906 MW, equal to a mere 8.1 percent of the 35,000 MW target, will be generated from renewable resources.

The 2,906 MW target consists of 725 MW from geothermal sources, 180 MW from wind power, 30 MW from biomass and 1,971 MW from hydro and micro hydro power plants.

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