Tuesday, June 28, 2016

U.S.A., Mexico, Canada: 50% of Electricity by 2025 from Clean Energy Sources

U.S., Mexico, Canada pledge 50% renewables and nuclear by 2025 in new climate pact (Utility Dive)

The United States, Mexico and Canada have struck a new regional deal to produce 50% of their electricity by 2025 from clean energy sources, including wind, solar, nuclear and hydropower, Reuters reports. The deal is set to be announced Wednesday at a summit of the three nations.

The deal builds on a slate of climate efforts from the Obama administration, including the EPA Clean Power Plan and signing of the Paris Climate Agreement last year. The CPP, currently under a judicial stay imposed by the Supreme Court, will be necessary in meeting the 50% goal, the White House said.

The deal is most ambitious for Mexico, which got less than 20% of its electricity from renewables and nuclear last year. The U.S. currently sources about a third of its power generation from renewable and nuclear resources, and Canada is over 80%. The agreement also includes language to limit methane emissions 40% to 45% by 2025 and provisions to ease power trading across borders.