Thursday, June 9, 2016

Turkey: Zorlu Group Applies to Increase Capacity of Kızıldere III Geothermal Project by 70 MW

Decision to include the Kızıldere VI GEPP Project within the scope of the ongoing Kızıldere III GEPP Project (News Release)

Pursuant to our material event disclosures dated 05.05.2016 and 06.05.2016; based on its evaluations, our 100% owned subsidiary, Zorlu Doğal Elektrik Üretimi AŞ (Zorlu Doğal) has decided to realize the Kızıldere VI Geothermal Power Plant (GEPP) Project within the scope of the Kızıldere III GEPP Project which is currently under construction on the same site. Accordingly, Zorlu Doğal withdrew its pre-license application to Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) for the Kızıldere VI GEPP Project, which was planned to have an installed capacity of 60 MW.

Since the two projects will be merged under the Kızıldere III GEPP Project, an application has been to EMRA to amend the generation license of the Kızıldere III GEPP Project to increase the installed capacity from 95.2 MW to 165 MW with the addition of a second unit with an installed capacity of 69.8 MW.

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