Tuesday, May 3, 2016

United Kingdom: Scottish Geothermal District Heating Project Moves Forward

Fife could be focal point for research into energy source (The Courier)

Fife, a council area and historic county of Scotland just north of Edinburgh, could yet become the focal point for plans to heat homes and businesses around Scotland using warm water recovered from rocks deep below the ground.

A Scottish Government-funded project has looked into the feasibility of using the largely untapped resource to deliver renewable heat at a site in Guardbridge in a cost effective manner.

With that in mind, researchers have now recommended that the initiative should be taken to the next stage – which would see a business case to explore for geothermal heat drawn up and could even lead to the drilling and testing of a well.

And while the study concedes that the viability of extending any heating system beyond the Guardbridge Energy Centre appears to be “uneconomic” at this time, it is thought the technological developments and lessons arising from any Fife project could be used elsewhere to great effect.

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