Thursday, May 12, 2016

Philippines: EDC President Calls for Geothermal Feed-in-Tariff

Geothermal FiT pushed (The Standard)

Richard Tantoco, EDC president
and COO (Courtesy EDC)
Renewable energy producer Energy Development Corp., a subsidiary of First Gen Corp., asked the government to provide a feed-in-tariff for geothermal power projects.

EDC president and chief operating officer Richard Tantoco said future geothermal projects would require a modest feed-in tariff, “nowhere near where wind and solar are today but in reality is significantly cheaper when the costs of intermittency are factored in.”

“The whole Epira [Electric Power Industry Reform Act]  is geared toward competition to reduce cost. But we have to get people to accept and acknowledge that fact that there are other costs not factored there, intermittency, carbon costs,” Tantoco said.