Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Iceland: Without Geothermal Power Life in Iceland Wouldn't be as Pleasant

Geothermal power generates higher living standards, lower heating costs and less pollution (Iceland Magazine)

Without geothermal power, which provides Icelanders with cheap energy to heat their homes and warm water to fill swimming pools, life in Iceland wouldn't be as pleasant. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson. 
One of the principal sources of the quality of life in Iceland is geothermal power. For example, it provides Icelanders with hot water to fill outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs which have been identified as one of the key sources of Icelandic well-being, the “secret to the country’s happiness”.

But geothermal power improves the quality of life for Icelanders in some other, more easily measurable ways as well.
  • Massive savings on utility bills
  • Warmer homes, improved health
  • Cleaner air and less CO2 emissions
  • Generating green electricity
  • Power plants are popular tourist destinations