Thursday, May 26, 2016

Iceland: 9 Ways in Which Geothermal Energy is Used in Iceland (In addition to Electricity)

Heating soccer fields and growing cucumbers: 9 ways in which geothermal energy is used in Iceland (Iceland Magazine)

Geothermal power is all around you in Iceland. It provides a bountiful source of green, renewable energy which is used to heat homes and generate electricity. But it is use for countless other things as well. Here is our list of nine ways in which geothermal energy and hot water are used in Iceland. Some might surprise you!
  1. 4% of the geothermal energy is used to heat swimming pools
  2. And to provide Reykjavík with its own bathing beach!
  3. You can thank geothermal power for Icelandic tomatoes and cucumbers
  4. Geothermal power is even used to heat up potato fields
  5. And soccer fields!
  6. Sidewalks and parking lots are kept free of snow and ice, thanks to geothermal power
  7. Drying seaweed
  8. … and cod-heads!
  9. Powering data centers