Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Grenada: 15-20 MW Geothermal Power Project Still On Course

Grenada says geothermal exploration on track (Antigua Observer)

The Grenada government says it is making significant headway in geothermal exploration on the island and thanked both the Japanese and New Zealand governments for pumping more than one million US dollars into the venture.

A government statement noted that ever since signing a 2014 agreement with New Zealand aimed at facilitating the exploration and eventual use of geothermal energy, several initiatives have been completed including the undertaking of extensive geochemical, geophysics and geological surveys as well as the analysis of the institutional, legislative and regulatory frameworks for undertaking environmental and social impacts relative to developments requiring such.

In in July last year, the presence of a high temperature geothermal reservoir, located north of Mt. St. Catherine was confirmed.

“It was also stated that this reservoir has a potential temperature between 220-240°C or higher, which if correct, is of a capacity to generate between 15-20 MW of power,” the statement noted.