Thursday, May 19, 2016

Argentina: 1 GW of Renewable Energy to be Bid Out

Argentina to auction 1 GW of renewable energy (PV magazine)

The government of Argentina will open the first auction for the acquisition of electricity from renewable energy. President Mauricio Macri has announced the opening of an auction for 1 GW of renewable energy capacity, which should be incorporated into energy mix by summer of 2017/2018, and with a deadline of March 21, 2018. According to the president’s schedule, the opening of the auction is scheduled for today.

Provisional specifications which will be published in one month, and interested companies will have an opportunity to comment. In June, the definitive terms of the auction will be published. This will be managed by Cammesa, a public company which administers the larger Argentine electricity market. The close of offers is planned for August and completion of the auction one month later.

Global Geothermal News has reported on possible geothermal energy projects in Argentina.

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