Thursday, April 28, 2016

USA, Nevada: GRC Supports Geothermal, Hydropower, Biomass Baseload Conference

Summit in Reno to Highlight Future Role of Geothermal and Baseload Renewables (News Release)

Nevada leads the nation in geothermal development and has many innovative projects with experts representing various aspects of the Nevada geothermal industry attending the upcoming Summit.

In many ways, Reno, Nevada is the perfect location for June 2016's Baseload Renewable Energy Summit, hosted by the U.S. Geothermal Energy Association and co-host, Ormat. Second only to California in terms of geothermal-produced electricity, Nevada is transitioning to a clean energy grid at a fast pace.

Nevada's own Senator Dean Heller noted at an industry conference earlier in the year, "I want to see the day Reno is powered only by geothermal and solar energy. I want to make sure that my grandchildren will never have to put another dollar into a gas pump."

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