Wednesday, April 6, 2016

USA, Nevada: 385 MW of Geothermal Helps Nevada Utility Meet Renewable Requirement

NV Energy Exceeds Renewable Requirement for 2015 (News Release)

NV Energy has filed its required 2015 Renewable Portfolio Standard Annual Report with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, showing that the company achieved a 21.2 percent renewable credit level in southern Nevada and 31.3 percent level in northern Nevada.  The 2015 legislated requirement is 20 percent, based on total energy sales.

Today NV Energy customers are served by 20 geothermal energy resources 12 community-scale solar fields, a large wind farm in eastern Nevada and a dozen small hydro and biomass projects throughout the state. In total, these projects are more than 1,300 megawatts of nameplate capacity. If all were operating at the same time they would generate enough energy to serve approximately 750,000 homes in Nevada.

The Nevada Renewable Portfolio Standard requirement continues to climb, as state law requires the energy company to achieve a 22 percent level in 2020, and 25 percent in 2025.