Friday, April 1, 2016

USA: Geological Society of America Special Paper on Geothermal Energy Available Online

Geothermal Energy: An Important Resource - GSA Special Papers 519, 2016

Nationally and globally, geothermal energy is a crucial resource. Included in this Geological Society of America (GSA) Special Paper are important complementary investigations from geothermal heat pumps to enhanced geothermal systems.
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  • Utility of geological and pedological models in the design of geothermal heat pump systems
    Abstract         Full Text (PDF)
  • The characterization of flooded abandoned mines in Ohio as a low-temperature geothermal resource        Abstract         Full Text (PDF)
  • Thermogeologic performance of a large-scale, district geoexchange system in southeast Pennsylvania        Abstract         Full Text (PDF)
  • Petrographic and hydrogeologic investigations for a district-scale ground-coupled heat pump—Ball State University, Indiana        Abstract         Full Text (PDF)
  • Evaluation of a discrete-depth heat dissipation test for thermal characterization of the subsurface        Abstract         Full Text (PDF)
  • Physical modeling of coupled heat transfer and water flow in soil-borehole thermal energy storage systems in the vadose zone        Abstract         Full Text (PDF)
  • Thermal conductivity, thermal gradient, and heat-flow estimations for the Smackover Formation, southwest Arkansas        Abstract         Full Text (PDF)
  • Stochastic exploration and the geologic context of enhanced geothermal system viability on the Snake River Plain, Idaho        Abstract         Full Text (PDF)