Friday, April 15, 2016

USA, California: NREL Researcher Develops Geothermal Energy Model that Could Help Save the Salton Sea

Colorado Researcher Models Cost-Effective, Clean Energy (Walton Family Foundation)

Jennie Jorgenson develops geothermal energy model that could help save the Salton Sea

Jennie Jorgenson, NREL
To Jennie Jorgenson, conserving money is as important as conserving any other resource. That’s why she takes the bus to from Boulder, Colorado, to her job at the National Renewable Environmental Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, where she’s part of a team that models clean energy development across the United States and the world.

With support from the Walton Family Foundation, Jennie and the rest of her research team at NREL recently developed the model for California’s 2030 Low Carbon Grid Study. The model compared options for drastic carbon emissions reductions in the state, including the status quo and a scenario with higher geothermal development. While geothermal energy is costly, it provides an always-on power source with less wasted energy than sources such as solar, which can generate lost energy when the sun is shining but demand is low.

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