Thursday, April 14, 2016

United Kingdom: Plan to Heat Penzance Pool With Geothermal Energy

Plans revealed to heat part of Jubilee Pool with geothermal energy (The Cornishman)

Exciting plans to heat part of the distinctive Jubilee Pool in the south-western English town of Penzance with geothermal energy have been unveiled.

Geothermal Engineering Ltd has submitted a pre-application to Cornwall Council with a proposal to "drill a geothermal well to a depth of between 1 and 2km next to the Jubilee Pool lido and supply heat to a section of the pool".

Councillor Dwelly added that he was delighted that the proposal was now moving forward.

"Having a spa-type heated pool area could provide a big boost to Penzance tourism and help us continue to regenerate the seafront," he said.

"Geothermal does not involve fossil fuels. Testing this zero carbon technology in Penzance helps Cornwall make more of its unique 'hot rocks' energy and doubling this with an £1.8 million investment in Penzance is a win-win."

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