Monday, April 18, 2016

Science & Technology: Map Shows Locations of Geothermal ORC Power Plants

An overview of all Organic Rankine Cycle units installed in the world

The ORC World Map aims to monitor the progress of the Organic Rankine Cycle technology over the world.

The objective is to provide an overview of the ORC market, at the industrial level. This means that small ORC plants at the lab scale or that are not connected to the grid have been ignored. An exception has been made for demo plants that are not connected to the grid but have a significant power output of several hundreds kilowatts / several megawatts.

Similarly, ORC plants with a total installed capacity lower than 50 kWe are not referenced.

Some manufacturers do not publish their list of references and declined to take part to that survey. Therefore, this database is not 100% exhaustive. As of January 2016, we can consider that the remaining references do not represent more than 30 MW of installed capacity.

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