Friday, April 15, 2016

Russia: Geothermal Power Plant Workers Relax After Work!

On the Scene: Plunging into Snow at the Foot of a Volcano (Atlas Obscura)

A photographer documents life at a geothermal plant amid 29 active volcanoes.

Elena Chernyshova traveled to Russia's Far East Kamchatka Peninsula to photograph workers at the 50 MW Mutnovskaya Geothermal Power Plant.

“My story was about energy from hot springs and about workers who are maintaining the plant in mountains in 200 km [124 miles] away from the city,” she says. “I was looking for different kind of scenes that represents people daily life.” Chernyshova photographed the workers watching TV, playing checkers—and enjoying the freezing temperatures.

“After work some men go to relax in the pool of hot water,” says Chernyshova. The temperature in the tub is about 104°F (40°C), compared to the air temperature of 1°F (-17°C). “After staying in the hot water they jumped in the snow to refresh themselves. That was logical, it is what people are used to do, but quite spontaneous at the same time.”

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