Monday, April 18, 2016

Kenya: Electricity Costs are Lowered as Geothermal Energy Comes to Mombasa

ERC to reduce cost of electricity in Mombasa (

The cost of electricity in Mombasa County is set to go down following the Energy Regulatory Commission's (ERC) plans to introduce geothermal energy in the county.

ERC Renewable Energy Director Pavel Omieke, said the commission is in the process of bringing geothermal energy to the county in a move aimed at decreasing the cost of electricity.

Mr Omieke said Mombasa relies heavily on thermal energy being produced by the thermal plants in Kipevu, which is costly.

Speaking during a sensitization workshop in Mombasa on Wednesday, Omieke said the move will lower the amount of power injected into the grid from costly thermal plants, and ultimately lower fuel cost which will also reduce the power bills.

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