Monday, April 18, 2016

Japan: Next-Generation Geothermal Power Generation is Part of Strategy for Green Technology Innovation

Japan announces long-term strategy for green technology innovations (Japan Today)

Japan’s Cabinet Office has announced a draft of the “Energy/Environment Innovation Strategy” at the fourth meeting of the Working Group for Formulating Energy/Environment Innovation Strategy.

In regard to next-generation power generation, it set a goal of doubling conversion efficiency and lowering power generation cost to ¥7/kWh or lower.

The strategy was aimed at creating innovations for drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions with a long-term perspective (by about 2050) after the long-term goal of keeping the average temperature rise in the world at much less than 2°C was mentioned at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21), which took place at the end of 2015.

For the strategy, technologies are classified into seven categories: (1) innovative production process, (2) ultra-lightweight, heat-resistant material, (3) next-generation storage battery, (4) production, storage and usage of hydrogen, etc, (5) next-generation solar power generation, (6) next-generation geothermal power generation and (7) immobilization/effective use of CO2.

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