Thursday, April 21, 2016

Indonesia: 1,160 MW of Geothermal Projects to be Tendered This Year

More geothermal power projects up for tender (The Jakarta Post)


The Indonesian government will tender eight geothermal power plants countrywide this year as part of efforts to reach a target of 7,156 megawatts (MW) of electricity from geothermal energy.

The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s geothermal director, Yunus Saefulhak, said on Tuesday that the geothermal power plant projects tendered this year amounted to approximately 1,160 MW and were expected to start operations in 2024.

“The bidding for three of the geothermal power plants has been completed while the remaining five will be offered in stages,” Yunus said on the sidelines of a press conference on the upcoming International Geothermal Convention and Exhibition (IIGCE).

Earlier in the conference, the ministry’s director general of renewable energy and energy conservation, Rida Mulyana, said the government was preparing three regulations in the hope of increasing investment and speeding up the development of geothermal energy sources.

The first government regulation would allow regions to reap economic benefits from geothermal power plant projects, while the second regulation would cover the direct use of geothermal resources for tourism, agriculture and industry.

The third government regulation would allow private companies to conduct surveys and exploration of potential geothermal reserves with a minimum three drill holes. If activity was successful, the company would receive the right to a direct appointment over the area.

The third regulation would stipulate that tenders should prioritize a company’s proposed work program and commitment to exploration over electricity selling prices.

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