Monday, April 25, 2016

Iceland: Project to Capture CO2 from Geothermal Advances

Haldor Topsoe and HS Orka hf sign contract for CO2 capture plant from geothermal sources in Iceland (gasworld)

Danish business, Haldor Topsoe, has signed an agreement with Icelandic geothermal power company, HS Orka hf, to deliver a plant to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from geothermal heat sources.

The plant will be the first to use Topsoe’s new selective oxidation catalyst, SMCTM, to remove sulphur from the offgas from Orka’s geothermal power plant and produce commercial grade CO2.

The SMC catalyst will be at the centre of the new demonstration plant which will be located next to Orka’s existing geothermal power plant in Svartsengi, Iceland. This plant will process 10% of the total off-gas stream to produce commercial grade CO2.

The CO2 produced will be marketed to local greenhouses and algae producers to be able to grow products all year round – including in the long Icelandic winters.

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