Thursday, April 21, 2016

Commonwealth of Dominica: Geothermal Project Needs Private Investment - PM

PM Calls For Private Sector To Invest In The Geothermal Project

Prime Minister, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit
Hon. Prime Minister, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, has called for private organizations to invest in the geothermal project which he considers critical to Dominica’s development.

The Hon Prime Minister was speaking at the opening ceremony of a Sustainable Energy and Climate Resilient consultation on Monday April 18.

The Prime Minister stated that as a small island state, Dominica is often placed in a difficult position where the choice is either renewable energy investment or other major developments that are needed in the country.

He says also too often small island developing states need to borrow money to reconstruct after the effects of climate change. This has a negative effect on a country’s GDP as these funds could be invested in the local economy.

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