Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Canada: Alberta Greens Call for Level Playing Field for Geothermal Energy

Greens propose motion to level playing field for geothermal energy production (Green Party of Alberta)

The following motion will be put to an on-line vote of Green Party of Alberta members starting on April 20.

The purpose of the motion is not to give geothermal electricity production preference over other clean, renewables, but to make it possible for geothermal generation to compete fairly with other comparable sources, such as solar and wind.

Motion:  That the Green Party of Alberta supports the introduction of laws and regulations that would create a level playing field for geothermal energy, both for heating and for generation of electricity. In particular, the GPA supports creation of a licensing system for geothermal wells.

Green Party of Alberta members - Vote here on geothermal energy policy starting April 20, 2016