Monday, February 29, 2016

USA, Texas: A Timeline of Geothermal Cooperation with Oil & Gas Industry

The History of Geothermal and O&G Working Together (SMU Geothermal Lab)

2004 SMU Geothermal Map
of North America
There is a quite the story being written today about the ways geothermal energy can help transition an existing oil and gas field into an electricity-generating system. Southern Methodist University (SMU) has been leading the research, development and promotion of such a concept for over two decades.

The following is a summarized timeline, featuring historical developments that have helped advance geothermal proof of concepts within O&G fields throughout the US.

  • 1975: Texas Geothermal Resources Act written
  • 1989: First Geopressure power plant in the US, Brazoria County, TX
  • 1992: SMU completes first Geothermal Map of North America

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