Thursday, February 18, 2016

USA, California: Stanford Geothermal Workshop is Next Week

Stanford Geothermal Workshop - Preliminary Schedule for Opening Session on Monday Morning

22-24 February, Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center, 326 Galvez St., Stanford, CA 94305-6105
  • "The DOE Geothermal Technology Office - Status Update," Timothy REINHARDT, Lauren BOYD, Eric HASS and Susan HAMM [Abstract]
  • "Uniquely Identifiable DNA-Embedded Silica Nanotracer for Fractured Reservoir Characterization," Yuran ZHANG, Timothy Spencer MANLEY, Kewen LI, Roland N. HORNE [Paper]
  • "Thermal Forecasting Ability of Temperature-Sensitive Tracers," Morgan AMES, Philip BRODRICK and Roland HORNE [Paper]
  • "Characterization of 3D Printed Fracture Networks," Anna SUZUKI, Stock SAWASDEE, Hiroshi MAKITA, Toshiyuki HASHIDA, Kewen LI, Roland N. HORNE [Paper]
  • "Induced Seismicity at Fenton Hill and an Investigation of the Influence of Fault Heterogeneity on the Gutenberg-Richter b-value for Rate-and-State Earthquake Simulations," Jack NORBECK, Roland HORNE [Paper]