Friday, February 12, 2016

The Netherlands: Geothermal Heat Helping to Grow Dutch Tomatoes

Geothermal energy heats Prominent's greenhouses (horti daily)

The Dutch growers at Prominent' nurseries Noordermeer and Voort Brielle have recently started using geothermal heat for their greenhouses. Both growers are located in Vierpolders, a Dutch town in the Province of South Holland, and, together with other growers in the area, form the ‘Collectief Aardwarmte Vierpolders’, a local collective for using geothermal heat. These entrepreneurs have been working together for years in their goal for a more sustainable cultivation process. Geothermal heat was a logical next step.

Climate change and the slow but steady depletion of fossil fuels mean that we are increasingly searching for alternative, more sustainable energy sources. As a solution, geothermal heat has very little environmental impact and is still relatively new to the Netherlands. Locations with a high demand for heat, such as Vierpolders with its greenhouse horticulture, make this solution especially attractive.

The first phase of the project, preparing the drill site for construction, commenced in March 2015. Now, the drilling has been completed, the pipes laid, and water is being pumped from its geothermal source in Vierpolders. This is how these greenhouses are being heated to create a sustainable environment for producing flavorful vine tomatoes.

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