Thursday, February 11, 2016

Science & Technology: Companies Claim Electricity from 70-120°C Geothermal Energy

Groundbreaking technology enables 100% clean electricity from geothermal heat in the Netherlands (

Swedish company Climeon and Dutch company IF Technology have teamed up to do something that has never been done before in the Netherlands: generate electricity from geothermal energy. The partnership combines Climeon’s revolutionary heat power solution Climeon Ocean™ with IF Technology’s 25 years of experience in designing geothermal systems. 

Climeon’s Ocean™ is a vacuum enabled Heat Power solution that generates electricity from hot water far more efficiently than any other solutions in the market. As a consequence, Climeon Ocean™ can operate in ultra-low temperature ranges (70-120°C), making geothermal electricity production in the Netherlands economically feasible.

Climeon and IF Technology have signed an agreement showcasing our belief in the combination of the Ocean™ technology and the Dutch geothermal energy market.